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Cinema / Cinema - ... in the Ridley Scott movie.
Hannibal refers to Dante

... in the Ridley Scott movie.

The main character, played by Anthony Hopkins, lives in Florence in disguise, pretending to be an American scholar specialized in studies about medieval Italian literature and especially Dante Alighieri.

The main reference to Dante's work in the movie is the scene depicting Hannibal, Pazzi and his wife watching an opera. The opera is based, according to what the characters say, on the Vita Nuova. Specifically, the pieace we hear in the movie is titled "Vide Cor Meum" and is based on the sonnet "A ciascun'alma presa", in chapter 3 of the Vita Nuova. The music is by Patrick Cassidy, produced by Patrick Cassidy and Hans Zimmer; the singers are Danielle de Niese and Bruno Lazzaretti who play respectively Dante and Beatrice and are also on the stage in this particular scene of the movie.

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