Società Dantesca Italiana - Firenze

Dante in the Nineteenth Century

6-8 September, 2012

Institute of English Studies, University of London, Senate House


Nicholas Havely(Emeritus Professor English and Related Literature, University of York, UK)
Fabio Camilletti (Asst Professor of Italian, University of Warwick, UK)
Alison Milbank (Associate Professor, Theology & Religious Studies, Nottingham University, UK)
Matthew Reynolds (The Times Lecturer in English, St Anne’s Oxford, UK)
Ralph Pite (Professor of English, and Director of the Centre for Romantic Studies, Bristol University


As a number of historians have pointed out, the concept of the 'Renaissance' as a way of describing Italy from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries is essentially a nineteenth century idea. We look at medieval and early modern Italy through nineteenth-century spectacles. Indeed, the anglophone cult of Dante – in commentaries, translations, illustrations, and a host of literary references – belongs to this nineteenth century matrix. This conference brings together literary critics (both English and Italian), historians, and art historians with scholars from similar disciplines specializing in the nineteenth century, centring our theme on Florence – for many Victorians the epitome of Italian culture and tradition.– both through the eyes of the historians and critics who interpreted it, and also through the eyes of the Anglo-American community that lived there.


London has been chosen for our conference because its central theme is the nineteenth century re-discovery of Dante, and consequently of Florence, in the English speaking world.


Provisional Programme


Session I Chair: Stephen Prickett
9:30-9:45Stephen Prickett: Welcome
9:45-10:45Nicholas Havely: 'Mrs Macleod's 'Dante Collection': Expatriate Ilustrations in mid 19th-Century Florence'
Session II Chair: Matthew Reynolds

Christoph Lehner: 'Fixing the Florentine Lover: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Dante's nineteenth-century image'

11.45-12.15Nicoleta Stanca: 'The Renaissance, Dante and (early) Yeats'
12.15-12.45James Robinson: 'The Exile and the City: James Joyce’s 19th-Century Dante'
Session III Chair: Alison Millbank
14.30-15:00Will Bowers: '"The Authentic Materials of History: Foscolo, Dante, and an Italian past'
15.00-15.30Maria Boschi Rotiroti: 'The Società Dantesca in 19th-Century Florence'
15.30-16.00Adina Ciugureanu: 'Dantean Echoes in Dickens's Fiction''
Session IV Chair: Mihaela Irimia
16.30-17.30Ralph Pite: 'Walking the Heart of her Assurance: Shelley, Latini and the Angels of the Third Heaven'
17.30-18.00Christian Dupont: 'Longfellow’s Florence'
18:00- 18:30Anca Manolescu: 'Islamists Studying Dante: from Miguel Asín Palacios to Henry Corbin'


Session V Chair: Patsy Erskine-Hill
9.30 -10.30Alison Millbank: 'Eavesdropping from Casa Guidi Windows'
10.30-11.00László Gyapay: 'Experiencing Divinity (János Arany's Interpretation of Dante in 32 Lines)'
Parallel Session VI (A) Chair: Fabio Camilletti
11:30-12:00Ileana Marin: 'Dante’s Hell Envisioned by Gustav Doré: an Overlooked Opening to Modernity'
12:00-12:30Aida Audeh: 'Dante's Ugolino and the School of Jacques-Louis David: Englishness and Innovation'
12:30-13:00Jennifer Rushworth: 'Proust’s Ruskinian Reveries on Dante and Florence'
Parallel Session VI (B) Chair: Stephen Prickett
11.30-12.00Kathleen McGinty: 'Robert Browning and Dante’s Victorian Muse'
12.00-12.30Mihaela Irimia: 'Dante, "the grandest figure of world literature"'
12.30-13.00Angelo Maggi: 'Landscape and Historicism in the Rediscovery of Dante by Vittorio Alinari'
Session VII Chair: Adina Ciugureanu
14:00-15:00Matthew Reynolds: 'Dantean Mindscapes in Tennyson and Browning'
15.00-15.30James Thomas: 'Dante, Florence and the Provençal Félibrige: the Construction of Mediterranean "Latinity"'
15.30-16.00Patricia Erskine-Hill: 'Blake and Dante: Interpreting the Alien'
Session VIII Chair: Stephen Prickett
16:30-17:30Fabio Camilletti: 'Beatrice in the Inferno of London'
17:30-18:00Roxana Utale: 'Dantesque Critical Itineraries: Francesco De Sanctis'
18:00-18:30Stephen Prickett: Summing up and Conclusion


Morning: Visit to the William Morris Red House at Bexleyheath (optional)
Data di inserimento: 04/09/2012
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